Area Rug Cleaning Service

Worried about your rug being a dust and dirt magnet? Mint Carpet Cleaners will be able to revitalize your rug to prevent any allergens from residing in your home.


Area rugs are a simple way to add beauty and color to any room design in your home. You can tie together similar colors in a room or create a focal point that guests will admire. Think of your area rug as an investment. Depending on what fiber your rugs are made from, they can cost well into the high thousands. Wool or natural fibers, which tend to be more costly than nylon or synthetic fibers, are especially delicate and require extra special cleaning techniques to keep the fiber looking newer for longer. Nylon or synthetic fibers can be steam cleaned just like your wall to wall carpets, however, wool and natural fibers must be cleaned using solvent or foaming methods, as per most manufacturer warranties. It’s best to use professional Area Rug experts, such as Mint Carpet Cleaners, to customize your unique area rug’s optimal cleaning. We offer customers a convenient choice of having the area rug cleaned in home, or picked up and dropped off, clean and improved, within just 7-10 days. Contact us today to get specifics as each area rug is different. Mint Carpet Cleaners: We’re here for you, on the spot, when you need us!

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