Pets, wine, settled dirt and dust, Mint Carpet Cleaners understands how these can be an eye sore and prevent you from hosting your next gathering in your home. Our detailed service can come to the rescue and restore the comfort into your home.


After years of use, your furniture may appear dull and a bit dingy. You may even think it’s time for new furniture, but we’re here to tell you help is on its way. Quality furniture deserves quality upholstery cleaning service, and our company is the right one for the job.

We use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment to extract the dirt and grime from the fibers of your chairs, sofas and upholstered furniture pieces including leather furniture as well. And no job is too large or too small. Our professional staff and equipment will clean your home’s drapery, curtains, pillows, chair cushions, mattresses and of course your living room/dining room furniture.

We use environmentally friendly, biodegradable solutions technically advanced tools that will not discolor your furniture’s fabrics. In most cases, we are able to restore the fabrics’ textures and colors to near-new condition.

To get your home in its best shape ever