Adam P.

After 5 years in my house and 1 kid, its was time to clean our carpets. We were waiting until our son grew up a little before having our carpets professionally cleaned, but it sure was time to do it.

Just so tired of our house being clean but not feeling clean because of the carpets.

Anyways, back to the review, Mint was really easy to deal with. My fear was that they would come out and try to upsell me on a bunch of stuff, but none of that happened. They gave me a price on the phone and stuck to it! 100% hassle free.

I made sure to ask what cleaning method they use since they are not all created equally. Was very happy when they explained it to me and that they have the latest greatest in equipment. None of the chem dry crap for me, like who really wants a bunch of chemicals injected into their carpet anyway!

Anyways, I will be using Mint Carpet Cleaners from now on. I love working with family run businesses like this.