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Worried About The Sudden Spills or Dirt on Carpet? Check Out These Pro


Failed again to clean the carpet like a pro? Missing out the tips of cleaning carpets at home?

Often our carpets are the victim of spills, drops, accidental marks and many more unexpected things happening on it. And all these will surely make your carpet look spoiled and dirty.

Professional tips to handle small stains:

Here are some of the tips which can be helpful or your carpet cleaning. These tips have been given by the professionals and are successful when applied. Try them out and retain the bright look of the carpet.

”There’s ink on my carpet!”

Don’t worry, don’t rub the stain. Just dab the stain with the paper or sponge or paper towels.
Even cleaning solutions can be used with clothes and dab on the blot. Just a little pressure and the entire blot will vanish after few minutes. But never make the mistake of the rubbing the blot.
It would worsen the case and will not get away with even the paper towels or the sponge.

Do you know the other use of the club soda

Club soda is effective one to remove the beer and wine stains. But it is also useful for other stains too. Just blot the area affected with the club soda and keep it for few minutes. After sometimes the mark will be removed. If this does not work, then mix one part of vinegar and one part of club soda and then apply on the dirty area. It would surely work for the dirty area. Once the stain is removed, just clean the area with the clean towel and warm water. Lay paper towel and place sometime heavy on it, surely the dampness will be absorbed.

Got stain on carpet, apply shaving cream on it.

Directly apply the shaving cream on the stain and leave it for 30 minutes. After it set, blot the cream with the clean cloth. After this is done spray the vinegar water mix on it and rub it up. A fresh smelling clean carpet is in front of you. The stain is gone. This is a widely applicable step as everyone is having the shaving cream handy in their home.

Got a chewing gum over the carpet, freeze it

Grab a few ice cubes on the chewing gum and apply the ice cubes for 30 seconds. Once it freezes, the gum will come out and take it up with a spoon and throw it away properly. Chewing gum is irritating and especially when on carpet.
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